The 2020 European Geosciences Union General Assembly (EGU2020,, Vienna, Austria, 3 – 8 May 2020) will host a session dedicated to COST Actions and other scientific networks, entitled “COST Actions in Geosciences: breakthrough ideas, research activities and results”:

This session is a follow-up initiative of COST Action TU1208 and aims at creating a common space for multidisciplinary scientific discussion where EGU2020 delegates involved in running or past COST Actions can meet, share ideas, present activities carried out in their Actions, and disseminate scientific results obtained in the framework of their Actions. Thus, the session represents an invaluable opportunity for different Actions to identify possible synergies and establish new collaborations, find novel links between disciplines and conceive together innovative research approaches. 

This is a well-consolidated session, now in its third edition: in the first two editions we received more than 70 abstracts from almost 30 different Actions in total, and the session attracted a wide audience during the conference.

What kind of abstracts can be submitted to the COST Session? General abstracts describing the objectives, activities and results of COST Actions are obviously very much welcome. However, we are also happy to receive less general abstracts focused on specific topics, e.g., resuming a particular initiative undertaken in the framework of an Action, presenting the results of a particular Short-Term Scientific Mission, describing a successful Training School or science communication event organized by an Action, etc. We are also delighted to receive abstracts providing information about how diversity, equality, and inclusiveness concepts are dealt with in COST Actions, how Actions are supporting and empowering early-career investigators, etc. 

Furthermore, starting from EGU2020 a part of the session will be dedicated to a transversal topic of common interest for several Actions. The topic will be different every year and for EGU2020 we would like to propose: “Sustainability under climate change: European research coordination and capacity building in geosciences”. So, you may want to submit an abstract on this topic, too.

We always dedicate a part of the session on COST Actions to the presentation of scientific activities carried out by further national and international scientific networks, associations, and collaborative projects. Please inform potentially interested colleagues not involved in COST Actions about this possibility.

The submission deadline for 100-500 word abstracts is January 15th, 2020, 13:00 CET. No subsequent submission of extended papers is due, for this conference. Nonetheless, the opportunity to publish extended papers on a journal special-issue or book will be offered to session participants, after the conference.

This is the direct link to submit abstracts:
Using the above link, you will be asked to log in to the Copernicus Office Meeting Organizer. You can submit the text of your contribution as plain text, LaTeX, or MS Word content. 
More detailed information on how to submit an abstract is here: